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ProTrader Gerado My Mojo Story

I joined Mojo Day Trading 3 years ago and it's my daily job, my career every single day, except weekends. Now, I get a lot of questions on Twitter asking me, “Where did you learn to trade? Do you have a mentor, or what?”

By now, if you have been reading my tweets, you know that I learned to trade in Mojo University.

Well, actually I ‘knew’ how to trade before I attended Mojo University.

But, you know what? I knew how to be a losing trader. I had the habits of a lone wolf trader, the mentality of a loser, and the skillset of a loser. I don’t mean this to be self-deprecating. I am simply trying to objectively look back at the kind of trader I was. I had no hope. I was self-educated off YouTube videos. While this gave me a general base of knowledge, it did not nothing to translate to real world profits and execution when the bell rung every day at 9:30. Sure, sometimes I would make winning trade plays, but this can be largely attributed to luck.

Even the fish at the poker table occasionally gets dealt aces, and as such, I would sometimes (read: rarely) hit a winning trade. Needless to say, this pattern got old quick.

Rather than pour more of my hard earned money (I used to make $10/hour) into hopeless trades, I invested in myself and enrolled in Mojo University. Now, I am truly living the Mojo Lifestyle....

So, if you want to learn exactly how to become a profitable stock trader, even if you are a beginner, you need to join Mojo University. This program will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to properly trade and manage risk. This is a completely interactive classroom, taught by ProTrader Mike, who has assembled comprehensive lessons that cover everything from mindset to his famous trade plays, such as the Heinz Trade Play. If you are interested in MOJO University the time to act is now.

The next class begins in less than 12 days and there are only FIVE seat remaining. I repeat, there are only FIVE seats remaining. Usually, ProTrader Mike only allows for 30 available seats, but the demand has been so high this month, he has generously allowed for 5 more students to join. Nobody can make you take the next step.

Nobody made Tiger Woods spend every waking hour practicing his stroke.

Nobody forced Michael Jordan to practice his jumper and nobody forced Tom Brady to perfect his spiral.

They wanted to do it.

Do you know why?

Because Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Tom Brady are champions. Champions don’t ask permission and they don’t wait for somebody to tell them what to do. They see what they want, put in the work and go and get it on their terms. It’s your choice. These seats are going to sell. If you want to take your trading from the minor leagues to the big leagues this is your opportunity. I look forward to seeing you on June 5th in the Mojo University Classroom.

Watch this incredible educational webinar on the upcoming class and this really special deal below...

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