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I started Mojo Day Trading in 2012 after working for several companies over a 5 year span. I HATED working for other people. The owners only cared about themselves and you were only as good as your last sale. If it came down to it I was replaceable.

What kind of job security is that?

All "RICH" people have several businesses and they all trade the financial markets. So if I want to be RICH and not POOR I better copy what the successful people are doing!

Being able to understand how the stock market works and having the knowledge to be a successful day trader is something can set you apart from the rest of the world.

I would go to Disneyland with my family on vacation and think how many people here DAY TRADE FOR A LIVING?

Am I one of the select few here, the elite money maker that can make $10,000 in a week from trading for just a few hours where 99% of the rest of the people around me make $1,000 a week and struggle.

It's true people you can get better and more consistent with trading in and out of stocks and growing a cash pile IF you want to do that.

When I started I had nobody to help me and I learned from losing my money. Those days are now over and for the past 7 years I have built a team of traders that all trade together every day. Each morning at 9:00 am the traders start logging into the chat room. The chat room is an online and interactive platform where all the traders can follow the picks, ideas and news.

Most of the other chat rooms have a thousand people in there. Most trade small cap stocks with thin floats. Think about it...

If the chat room your in has 1,000 traders and just 1/4 of them do the trade. The stock is let's say $3.00 per share that means 250 traders each buying an average of 2,000 shares need 500,000 of volume in and 500,000 of volume out just to do the trade. Now that's unrealistic and deadly because it's sure easy to BUY the shares but when it comes time to SELL the shares there has to be a NEW BUYER and if the volume dries up 240 traders get stuck holding the bag and the moderators are able to still be profitable.

How is that? The Traders LOSE but the MOD's WIN?

It's called front running. How that works is pretty simple. The MODERATOR will alert the stock for himself and his inner circle. So if your in a service that has a higher priced ticket to be part of the "INNER CIRCLE" then they get the picks first. Makes sense right...

Then they all BUY the shares first then the MODERATOR calls the pick out to the 1,000 traders and 250 wind up doing the trade and 10 win and 240 traders lose.

If this has happened to you now you know why. This NEVER happens in my chat room because we have 20 to 50 traders at any one time all following just my picks. When trading day is over every day 95% traders are winning in the Mojo room.

It's tough enough to win against the market, and also your broker is competing against you... to have your own Moderators trading against you to make money in their account directly from money from your account and your paying them a monthly fee to do that to you is LUDICROUS!!

Please consider this one time valuable offer...

Since 2012, I have charged $2,000 to teach traders my system and what's been successful. Most of the traders that have taken my course online have retaken it 6 times over. Repetition is the key to mastery.

If my system didn't work why would my small group be with me for so long. You don't see me advertising on Google, Yahoo and all over the internet to grow my business and that's why I don't have 1,000 traders in my room. I do have traders that have been with me this long...

ProTrader Alan - since Dec 2011

ProTrader Bohan - since June 2014

ProTrader Hopper - since Oct 2014

and the list goes on and on....

The tenure of the average trader in my chat room is over 4 years and that should tell you something...

That my system of trading works for any and it can for you too...

This month only is the last time I will be allowing people to watch my courses for FREE. Yes that's right my Online Day Trading Course normally $1,497 is your's FREE. How do you get that deal?

If you enroll in the courses you'll see you need is a computer, the day trading broker and platform, and my coaching. In order to that we MUST trade together each day in the chat room.

The monthly subscription is the same as any data feed a broker would charge you. I'm worth more than that as my picks are the best on wall street. So you need to be in my chat room and for your $149/month member ship you'll get the Mojo University Online Course for FREE.


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