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Commission Free Brokers

Starting off 2019 Robinhood was the free commission firm. Then Interactive Brokers announced commission free trading. Now Charles Schwab and E-Trade have joined the band wagon.

I need to warn all traders this is a trick by the firm to bait in the smaller inexperienced traders.

Do you really think the firms aren't making money on your trades?

They sell your orders, did you know that?

Robinhood is selling order flow to high-frequency trading (HFT) firms for more than 10 times as much as it pays to other discount houses for the same service. The financial site's review of the broker's recent SEC filing discloses Citadel Securities, Apex Clearing Corp. and Virti Financial on a list of HFT firms buying the orders. The only reason high-frequency traders would pay Robinhood tens to hundreds of millions of dollars is that they can exploit the retail customers for far more than they pay."

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the firms know 9 out of 10 traders fail. They want you to trade more as they will make more money now. They just want you to trade more. Do you think you would win more if you went to Las Vegas and didn't tip the dealer?

The dealer tip is the commission. It has ZERO effect on the Professional players overall game. Yes in the long term it would have an effect but in the sense of the game it has no effect.

So for Professional traders that know how to win it's awesome but for everyone else it's a trick to trade more and lose more.

See what ProTrader Alan said today...

Imagine if you had a system for your trading so it made it almost impossible to lose money?

What if every time you placed a trade with the system you won?

Would you want that system?

How much would you pay for that system?

Hello Traders,

My name is ProTrader Mike and I have been a trader 25 years now. For the past 7 years, I have created Mojo University Courses with online video lessons that have taught hundreds of traders how to day trade and swing trade like professionals.

The first thing I am going to teach you is a "glitch" I've discovered in the stock market that when used correctly hits winner after winner.

How do I know this?

Because the proof is"in the pudding" as they say...

Meet ProTrader Alan, my first student in 2012 who paid me $2,000 to teach him privately my system and strategies. He has not had one losing day since November of 2014. Yes that's right folks, your reading this correctly...

ProTrader Alan has not had One (1) Losing day since November 2014...

Listen to him here... minute 4:57

And here are some more results I've gotten for traders...

Now, I’m not sharing these to brag. It’s not about me…

It’s about you, the trader who is sick and tired of losing money on trades and paying a high cost for education.

So if you want to stop wasting days and your precious money then I'll reveal to you my Mojo University Online Day Trading Course...

Now you're probably wondering and thinking what so great about it?

The courses are the same course traders have been succeeding with since 2012 but now they are available to you for FREE.

All you have to do is become a member of the Chat Room service at $149/month then start watching the day trading course immediately for FREE.

In one month you can learn everything you need to become the next Pro Day Trader.

What if your already one of the statistics?

9 out of 10 day traders fail...

Did you know...

  • Your firm and your broker are trading against you

  • The market makers are trading against you

  • Your own chat room moderators are trading against you

Makes it pretty damn difficult to win don't you think?

Well time for a 360 degree change for you...

I’ve back-tested and re-tested over and over this SYSTEM and it just plain out WORKS!

To do that I've have had to spend…

  1. Stock Market Data Research ($2,400/year)

  2. Stock Trading Platform Feeds ($1,800/year)

  3. Python Programmers ($10,000)

What's the end result?

Testing more than 100,000 trades over 7 years of trading data with a 100% win rate. The system is easy to learn and can be applied immediately.

What you’ll learn:​

  • The world famous Heinz Trade Play and how you can achieve a 100% win rate.

  • How to maximize your wins with one small hack that instantly improves your stock trading returns by ten fold.

  • After proving a success and win rate of 100% on 10,000 consecutive Heinz trades in a row, this trade play is something that will change your game completely.

Clearly, this trading system isn’t based on assumptions or theories.

Rather, it’s backed by statistics and numbers (and as you know, numbers don’t lie).

This means you can become 1000% confident in what you’ll learn is based on proven successes and not just stories.


How much more profitable you’ll be if you’re using a proven trading system that give you such a trading edge?

All you have to do is become a member of the Chat Room service at $149/month then start watching the day trading course immediately for FREE.

The Online Day Trading Course retails for $1497.00, but we bought it for you!

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