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Last Month of the Decade

It is almost 2020, the start of a new decade - can you believe it?

Where were you in 2010?

Did you accomplish what you wanted this decade?

Did you reach your goals?

Did you set you and your family up financially for decades to come?

If you don't know me my name is ProTrader Joe and I joined in 2010. I was in the middle of college and had no idea what my future would hold. I didn't really have a plan, other than knowing I wanted to make a lot of money!

It is hard to believe how my life has changed in this decade. I went from a broke college student, to a business owner and full time day and swing trader.

If you were to ask me where my life started to change, the answer would be way back in 2015 when I moved to Florida and met ProTrader Mike for the first time.

Before I met ProTrader Mike I was a beginner in the market. I had made some trades and investments, but was more "gambling" with my money than anything else. I had read a few books and watched a few videos, but didn't have the training, coaching and guidance required to beat the market and avoid all the traps that cost most traders their entire accounts.

Luckily for me, I came in touch with a true mentor and coach that cared about my success and took my under his wing, ProTrader Mike.

I quickly enrolled in MOJO University, which taught me the entire MOJO system, including fundamentals like how to approach the mental game of trading, journaling, and of course, the famous Heinz Trade Play.

(Note: MOJO University is required learning for those serious about trading - it is currently offered for FREE to all new MOJO Team Members - you can watch 2 FREE lessons here to get a better idea of the course material.)

After taking MOJO University, my life began to change. I was finally able to make consistent money trading the market. It started small, with daily profits of $50 - $75, as I grew my account, I could make larger trade plays with confident and within a year, I was making $250 - $500 of profit per day with a fairly large account. Now, five years later, I am frequently able to profit in the $1,000 - $3,000 per day range.

This type of profit has allowed me to diversify my investments and lifestyle, as I have opened up a two other businesses that help support my family. I would never have been able to do that if I was stuck at a desk job grinding out a 9-5 for a meager income. Trading with Mike and MOJO has allowed me to have the free time to work on my businesses after trading the open with the MOJO Team every morning.

Swing TraderSwing Trade NewsletterAdditionally, MOJO has been a blessing because Mike is also an expert . . When I am too busy to day trade or stuck on a conference call or meeting for one of my businesses, I can still make money in the market with Mike's weekly

Just these last few weeks alone, I have made substantial profits on $CGIX $SVRA $GLG $CLSD simply from reading Mike's weekly newsletter and buying when he tells me to enter a position and selling when he tell me to exit the position. It is literally that simple. I normally add $1500+ in profits a month by Swing Trading, on bigger months, I have hit over $6,000 in Swing Trading Profits. See an example of the October Results from the MOJO Swing Trade Newsletter below:

Newsletter sample = 11/17/2019 NEWSLETTER

Before I ramble on too long, I will leave you with this thought... I was able to make this the best decade of my life by taking decisive and focused action, as well as calculated risk... I knew I wanted to make money in the stock market, but I didn't know how. Taking a chance and joining ProTrader Mike's MOJO Day Trading Team was the decision that changed my life.

You can change your life this decade, but why wait? Join now and make the final month of 2019 your best financial month of the year. Here is a FREE PASS to check out the MOJO Day Trading Room - don't wait around, we will be trading live tomorrow morning and making big time profits, you can make money with us, just use this link and let's get rolling.

Thanks for reading,

ProTrader Joe

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