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The Perfect Way to Supplement Your Income

Tell me if you can relate... You are stuck working a 9 to 5 you hate and you sit at your desk all day dreaming of how great life could be if you only had time to pursue your dreams and true passions. But you don't have time to for that, because you are stuck working the job you hate so you can pay your bills and support your family.

Chances are, mostly everyone reading this can relate to that scenario in one way or another.

Everyday, people message me on Twitter, or in the MOJO Day Trading Discord telling me how they wish they could pursue trading full time, that is their lifelong goal and dream, but they simply don't have time to trade because they work 9 to 5, or they drive a long haul truck route, and can't dedicate their mornings to day trading.

Well guess what? You are in LUCK! You do have time to pursue trading because ProTrader Mike and MOJO Day Trading have a Swing Trading Newsletter that goes out every Sunday night with 3 to 5 swing trade picks for the week ahead.

The best thing about Swing Trading? You do not need to be glued to your computer every morning. You get the newsletter, review ProTrader Mike weekly picks, place the trade and then you can sit back, watch the stock a few times a day, wait for any updates from ProTrader Mike, then collect your profits.

Swing Trading is the perfect way for somebody with a full time job, or a business owner, to supplement your income. If you are busy during the active morning trading hours during the week, you can still add a substantial amount to your weekly and monthly income by enrolling in the MOJO Swing Trade newsletter and executing the trade plays ProTrader Mike puts out on a weekly basis.

You don't need to worry about missing your entry or exit position because your boss might call you into a meeting. You don't need to be in front of your computer every morning at 9:30AM on the dot. You simply need to get on the email list, execute the trades, and collect your profits.

Every week you are not on the Swing Trade Newsletter, you are missing out on massive gainers and huge profits.

Just this week, we traded $ADIL from $1.50 to $2.50 and played $AIRI through the Mini Heinz at $1.50.

MOJO Traders made great profits on both of these picks, and more. Imagine if you could add $300+ in income every week, just from executing a Swing Trade that is laid out in a clear and concise manner for your by ProTrader Mike?

Perhaps the best part of the Swing Trade Newsletter is you have 24/7 access to ProTrader Mike for advice. If you get into a trade, and are not sure whether to take your profits, just email Mike and he will respond and provide the advice you need to make the right decisions. It's that easy.

Check out the newsletter with the ADIL and AIRI picks last and see what you get with the Swing Trade Newsletter: HERE

Check out an archive of the Swing Trade Newsletters results to see the consistent profits made by ProTrader Mike and the MOJO Team HERE!

Don't forget, MOJO Day Trading has a special sign up bonus going on, you can save big if you act now... You will also get access to MOJO University for FREE, a deal you can't pass up.

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