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Does Your Spouse Support You?

Having support from your spouse/loved one at home is important even if they are the only one who supports or believes in you in your daily life of trading stocks.

Day Trading can can be stressful at times and having someone who doesn't believe in what you are doing can make it an uphill battle.

Encouragement from your spouse One of the most effective ways to help your trading is to have your spouse is to offer encouraging words. The word encourage means “to inspire courage.” All of us have areas in which we feel insecure and lack courage, and that lack of courage often hinders us from accomplishing the positive things that we would like to do. The latent potential within your spouse may await your encouraging words.

When we receive positive words, we are encouraged to continue pursuing our dreams. When a man fails to get a promotion at work, he may feel that he is a failure. But when his wife says, “You’re still No. 1 in my book,” he has the courage to work through his disappointment and continue. It's the same with trading. Have a bad day, as long as you follow the rules and don't blowup, “You’re still No. 1 trader in my book,” and you will live to trade another day.

Perhaps your spouse has untapped potential in one or more areas of life. That potential may be awaiting your encouraging words. Perhaps your wife needs to enroll in the Mojo Day Trading course and see the real potential.

Maybe you need to meet some people who have succeeded in the trading business who can give him insight on the next step to take. Your words may supply the necessary courage to take that first step.

Most of us have more potential than we will ever develop. The thing that holds us back is often lack of courage. A loving spouse can supply that all-important catalyst.

Support your spouse Your spouse can not only give encouraging words, but can also take supportive action, which is another way of helping you to succeed. Your spouse is not only willing to allow quiet around the house during trading hours, she encourages greatness.

One of the most common complaints I have encountered in the last 8 years of running Mojo Day Trading is the husbands and wives who say, “My spouse is not supportive.” They sometimes add, “I feel like he [she] works against me rather than for me.”

I must admit that sometimes this “lack of support” is another way of saying, “My spouse will not go along with all my crazy ideas.” There are people who are dreamers but never attach their dreams to reality. They jump into a business venture and lose thousands of dollars, then can’t understand why their spouse is not ready to jump into the next venture with them.

There are, however, ways of being supportive even if your an unrealistic dreamer. I’m not suggesting that your spouse blindly supports you. However, you might say something like this: “More than anything, I want to succeed in trading and life. I have dreams and at the same time, I don’t want to fail again. Therefore, I need you to be very supportive of you in this idea, because I have talked with successful people who I will be copying off of. Getting your spouse to help you succeed requires time, energy, effort and perhaps sacrifice on your part.

I am forever indebted to my wife for supporting me when I started Mojo Day Trading 8 years ago. I would like to think that whatever success I have experienced brings her a great deal of satisfaction, knowing that she is largely responsible for my successes.

Few things may give your spouse greater joy than seeing you reach his or her potential for God and for good.

Keep it profitable,

ProTrader Mike


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