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The Importance of a Head Coach

Every year, at the end of the NFL season numerous NFL coaches are fired. This year, as many as 10 coaches could be removed and replaced.

Why are these coaches fired?

Because management knows, you can not win without a good head coach. If you don't have the right head coach in place, you will never win the championship.

Do you have the right coach in place to take your trading performance to a championship level?

At MOJO Day Trading, myself and the other ProTraders trade on a championship level because we have the coaching and mentorship of ProTrader Mike, the best coach in the trading game today!

Every ProTrader has went through "training camp", aka MOJO University, where they learned the MOJO Trade Plays, preparing them for a career as a successful trader. Just as an elite NFL coach prepares his team in the off season to dominate on the field, ProTrader Mike has put together the premier Trading Educational course that prepares his traders for anything the market with throw their way. ProTraders are prepared for anything, they know all the trade plays, they are experts at spotting Heinz Trade Play opportunities, they have a strong mental game, and they know how to effectively and profitably enter and exit trades.

During game action, aka the daily trading in the MOJO Day Trading Room, ProTrader Mike calls the winning plays for our team. He scans the market and alerts the team to what stocks to focus on, allowing us to enter at the perfect time and to exit trades at exactly the right moment to maximize profits.

Like any good coach, ProTrader Mike has his bread and butter play, The Heinz Trade Play. The Heinz Trade Play has made many ProTrader's rich and financially secure. It is the winning trade play that we can always count on for profits. Many MOJO Traders only focus on Heinz Trade plays and make $100 - $500 a day hitting one or two Heinz Trades then calling it a day.

ProTrader Mike has changed the lives on many traders. Every day, positive feedback comes in on his coaching and MOJO University. So many traders have the potential to make money, but they are lost on their own. They are reckless, make too many trades, or are simply not in the right mindset to beat the market. That is where the Head Coach comes in. How many NFL players have the talent to be great, but never make it because they are in the wrong situation with the wrong coach? It's the same in the stock market. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you don't have the training and coaching required, you will never trade at an elite level!

Change your life and take your trading game to the next level in 2020! MOJO ProTraders will be profiting on a daily basis under the coaching of ProTrader Mike. Join the winning team and make 2020 the year you become a ProTrader.

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