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Great month of Swing Trading in February 2020 -- actual newsletters sent out are below...

February 2020 Mojo Swing Trade Newsletter Highlighted Winners:

  • 702% winner with $IBIO from $.38 to $3.05

  • 640% winner with $CODX from $3.05 to $24.05

  • 237% winner with $AGRX from $1.35 to $4.55

  • 172% winner with $COCP from $.90 to $2.45

  • 142% winner with $GHSI from $.28 to $.68

  • 131% winner with $ADRO from $1.75 to $4.05

  • 63% winner with $GBTC from $7.95 to $13.00

  • 45% winner with $SNSS from $.72 to $1.05

  • 44% winner with $DGLY from $1.18 to $1.70

  • 40% winner with $KZR from $3.75 to $5.25

  • 39% winner with $BIMI from $5.05 to $7.05

Are you too busy for research? No problem.

Start every week off with the best CANSLIM stock picks. You'll receive the stock picks on Sunday night. Since 2012 The Mojo Swing Trading Newsletter has outperformed the markets each and every year. By focusing on a proven system called the CANSLIM system of picking stocks members have experienced great returns.


Every Sunday night get up to (5) new swing trade picks. The newsletters format are in PDF and video format when available. Also included is the weekly watch list which consists of stocks that may be "in play" during the upcoming weeks. Get email updates with profit alerts, adding to positions or to take a loss. Several times each week you will get a concise video update from ProTrader Mike's on the market and portfolio updates.


Upgrade your portfolio with the MOJO style of swing trading. ​ProTrader Mike's swing model portfolio is updated in real time and trades are shared to MOJO swing trade subscribers via email. There is full (7) year performance history and all swing picks are 100% fully transparent.​

Take advantage of this 30% Off March madness Special. Regularly $199 per month subscription for both day trading and swing trading services is now just $149 per month and you'll get the most profitable newsletter on Wall Street along with Day Trade Room access. If the Mojo picks do not show you double to triple the results your currently seeing just cancel anytime.

Keep it profitable,

ProTrader Mike

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