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With more than $300M spent on NFTs this year, it is no surprise that one of the rarest Pepe NFTs “Homer Pepe” just changed hands for $320,000. The rarest Pepe of them all, “Homer Pepe”, has sold for 205 ETH ($320,000) according to owner Peter Kell.

The Homer Pepe is a user-generated card from the Rare Pepe collectibles platform developed by Joe Looney in 2016 and showcased in the Rare Art Labs Digital Art Festival in 2018. The card was acquired by Kell at the first-ever live auction for blockchain art for $38,500 — said to be the highest price for a non-fungible token, or NFT, at the time. The artwork was also recently featured in the Sundance Film Festival award-winning documentary, "Feels Good Man." The documentary’s official Twitter account said the card sold for more than the cost to make the entire film.

Painter Trevor Jones showed the power of the NFT market with his “Bitcoin Angel” painting raising more than $3.2 million with 4,157 editions sold in seven minutes.


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