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Key Levels for September 29th the Last Trading Day of the Month

Hello Traders, Stay Informed with Live Updates in Our Exclusive Facebook Group! As we approach the final day of the month the Nasdaq 100 (NQ and MNQ), it's currently perched at key decision levels. Should Nasdaq break below 14,720, it could signal a potential visit to the 14,220 area. On the other hand, a close above 14,930 may pave the way for an oversold rally towards the 15,300 region.

Advantages of Trading Futures - Future Markets Are Very Liquid Future contracts are traded in huge numbers every day and hence futures are very liquid. The constant presence of buyers and sellers in future markets ensures market orders can be placed quickly. Also, this entails that the prices do not fluctuate drastically, especially for contracts that are near maturity. Thus, a large position may also be cleared out quite easily without any adverse impact on price. In addition to being liquid, many futures markets trade beyond traditional market hours. Extended trading in stock index futures often runs around the clock.

Keep it profitable,

ProTrader Mike


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