How Do Top Traders Stand Out?

Do you ever wonder how do the top traders always seem to stay on top no matter the market conditions? Here are three ways that the best of the best stand out: 1. They put more effort into their traders Top traders, such as ProTrader Mike, put their complete effort into their trading. In a way, their lives become about trading, they are completely involved in the traders, with a laser like selective attention that cannot be distracted. They treat trading like a business, than a hobby or a game, to them trading is a way to make a living and provide for their families, and as such, they treat it with a high level of seriousness it deserves. 2. They put in more time and research Each week ProT

Where is Your Trading Focus?

When you log into your trading platform and the MOJO Day Trading Room in the morning, where is your focus? What thoughts are going through your mind? How many stocks are you focusing on? What is your mindset? Today in the MOJO Room, I noticed many of the traders struggling to keep their focus in the right direction. While this happens from time to time, I felt it may be helpful to share a little from my perspective, in hopes of helping out the MOJO Team! When you trading in the MOJO Room, don’t focus on the small moves. Stocks are going to move up a penny, down two pennies, up a penny. It is the flow of the action and should be expected by an experience trader. You will quickly come t


MOJO traders have been seeing some stunning stock picking strategies. Where are these picks coming from?'s me ProTrader Mike and I do my research plus a few other tricks. Why SunEdison Shares Dived More Than 30% A court hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 16. While markets rallied Friday, solar energy giant SunEdison could not bask in the glow, with shares plunging 31% Friday, ending the day at $1.41 per share. It was a 14-year low. This is a complete over-reaction. Again in caps, THIS IS A COMPLETERE OVER-REACTION, A FARCE, A GIFT IN DISGUISE!! So far this year this same exact issue of disgust has happened. The first one was GoPro. As I called the stock a short play when Dow was

ProTrader Alan in the MOJO Office

Today ProTrader Alan stopped by the MOJO Headquarters in South Florida! What an honor to host the most successful trader in MOJO Day Trading history! Not only is ProTrader Alan an amazing trader, but he is also a very well-spoken and intelligent man. It seems like this is a fantastic opportunity to redirect your attention to the Video Testimonial that ProTrader Alan was kind of enough to make! This is a MUST WATCH video for anybody considering joining the MOJO Team! Alan will take you through his three-year experience as a MOJO ProTrader and will also give you some tips on how to make the most of your MOJO experience! P.S. Don’t forget to check out the 2/12 MOJO Day trade Room Video Reca

Survival Mode

How are you surviving in this market? As you can see, the DOW is getting absolutely crushed! Needless to say, many traders are losing their shirts and busting their accounts. Any rookie traders trying to enter this market without the proper education, tools, and resources is sure to lose. So, the question remains, how are you surviving? Are you turning a profit? Are you losing? Are you breaking even? Chances are, if you are not trading in the MOJO Day Trading Room, you are losing. So, what is your hedge? Personally, my hedge, along with the MOJO Team’s, is $UVXY and Gold. This has allowed us to offset any potential losses and maintain our profitable positions. If you are trading indepe

Swing Trading Presents

One of my personal favorite aspects of swing trading is the fact that it allows you to hold stocks for a typical range of 5-8 days. I enjoy this fact because it allows those working a 9-5 job to participate and become a member of the MOJO Swing Trade Newsletter Team. However, with the multiple day hold time, you sometimes face a drop in the stock price. When this happens, how do we react? The Swing Trading Present, of course! Well, I can say one thing for sure, when nothing changes with the company and there is a big stock drop, I consider it a GIFT! Yes, you read that correctly, I consider it a gift from the market for all the MOJO Swing Traders! Why? Because each and every swing pick put

Best Day Trading Book

As a beginning trader, one of the first pieces of advice you may receive from more experienced day traders usually revolves around learning as much as possible, oftentimes from books written from expert traders. At MOJO Day Trading, we understand this and wanted to save you some time from taking a trip to the local book store by providing you with a list of the best trading books on the market. These books are all very well regarded and written by respected and experienced traders who can teach beginning traders many of the fundamentals and concepts that are vital to your success as a trader. However, at MOJO Day Trading, we consider the books “The New Sell & Short Shell” and “The New Tradin

Groundhogs Day

In the movie ‘Groundhogs Day’, Bill Murray stars as a weatherman who finds himself living the same day over and over again. While the movie portrays this as a nightmare scenario that Bill Murray’s character must somehow escape, I have found my personal ‘Groundhogs Day’ experience to be quite different. You see, at MOJO Day Trading, every day is Groundhogs Day! What do I mean? We follow the same routine every single morning We follow the same rules every single morning No premarket Hit goal for day, shut it down We have the same goal of 1% - 5% ROI added to our accounts every single morning We wrap up our trading and record the daily video by around 11AM every single morning If you ask me, th

Doing The Double Take

How many times in your life have you seen something that you otherwise just would not believe? Something that was so incredible, so unlikely, and so out of the blue, that you had to double take, just to make sure it was real? How often have these rare events happened to you? Maybe it was that hole in one that you had been waiting years and years to finally get. Perhaps you finally won the big score on that scratch off lottery ticket you buy every week at the gas station. Or maybe, you finally got a royal flush at the poker table after never getting one for years of play. Whatever it may be, we all know the feeling of seeing something so unlikely that you have to rub your eyes and look agai

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