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Are You Crazy Like This Stock Market? Part 2

If you read yesterday’s blog post Are You Crazy Like This Stock Market? (!Are-You-Crazy-Like-This-Stock-Market/cgpn/55b145430cf25b8bf7f0d5e7) then you know the current climate in the stock market is one of pessimistic speculation and crazy ass volatilty. A lot of people are fearful of what may be yet to come. This causes some people to trade with scared money (a recipe for failure) or to not even trade at all! So many people who are relying on day trading as a primary source of income are left scared and helpless… Well, I am here to say “NOT ON MY WATCH!” At MOJO Day Trading, it is full steam ahead!

My Motto is = I am the Worlds Greatest Trader and I am going to kick the markets ass today. I say that each mornign as brushing my teeth. Last night the new group of 50 ProTraders here are there new mottos:

The MOJO ProTraders never flinch, they are well oiled machines that know the plan, stick to it, and execute. They collect their profits and move on with their day, whether we are dealing with a summer rally or a summer fall. Like I said, we don’t get scared, we are prepared because of all the time spent in MOJO University. Honestly, these days nothing can take me by surprise in the market. I have years’ worth of trading journals stacked up in my office, trust me, I have been there and done that. You think the students in last nights class liked it:

MOJO Day Trading has you covered in all facets. As I stated in MOJO Mission Statement:


Every single morning the market is open, the MOJO ProTraders dominate! We have a trader, ProTrader Alan, who has not had a losing day since last November!

You see, at MOJO Day Trading, consistency is the key. My goal is to have my ProTraders add between 1%-5% to their accounts each day. If you do that over 20 trading days each month, over the course of a 12 month year, your account is going to grow a huge amount! To witness this legendary consistency, please view my day trading results here:!day-trade-results/ca8v

If you are more of a swing trader, I also have you covered! The MOJO Swing Trade Newsletter has been on fire! This past week, I made a slick bottom call on $NUGT on you say what happened! MOJO never misses! Again, consistency is key. I have modeled my swing trading system off the great ‘Can Slim’ strategy. To familiarize yourself with this system check out this information:

Just let it be known, that when the market goes back up, MOJO Day Trading is going to have the top performing stocks in our portfolio. To view my swing trading results, go here:!swing-trade-results/c5fn.

The time to join MOJO Day Trading is now. There has never and will never be a better time to become a MOJO ProTrader. MOJO is a well-oiled machine that has all the momentum, we are hitting from all angels, crushing the markets every morning in the day trading room, cashing in on the swing picks and educating the ProTraders in MOJO University. If you need a mentor, caddie, or coach, I am your man. The other day trading rooms are not going to provide you with the same care and concern. Once you become a MOJO ProTrader, my goal is to have you as a lifelong trading partner, just like ProTrader Alan or Colin. Simply put, MOJO Day Trading has you covered!

To join the MOJO Day Trading Team, get started here:!special/chq8

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