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The GONZO Trade Play

By keeping a Journal for my day trading has help beyond you can even imagine. First off by journaling my trades and writing a story as to why it happned it enables me to recognize the set up when it presents itself. You see I never "hunt" for trades. "Hunters miss the best opportunities because they are in the field, in the bush, and they cannot spot the opportunity that may be better in the distance, or somewhere else. You have to be up in the trees - so you can "Scan" The horizon and spot the opportunites and the trades as they present themselves. Then you can plan and "trap" that trade make your score. That's how MOJO does it making 4 to 5 very high probale trades per day. We Scan for trades and make aggressive scores on as scoring just a few times per day is enough to feed a family for weeks.

Now from journaling I was able to come up with this planned trade play "THE GONZO TRADE PLAY" - this is taught in MOJO University new traders. Reading LEVEL 2 is backbone of MOJO system and over 70% of what I teach in the MOJO Course. This is One of them that was used many times this week on stocks like $UXXY $AQXP $OMER $CLTX and many more. Every time that stock showed a BIG OLE ASK in the LEVEL 2 - That's GONZO!!

See the Gonzo Here?

If you would like to Learn How to Day trade and add this one and 10 ther trade plays to your took belt than look no further - the next class of MOJO University starts in September - Check it out here >

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