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Educational Video = Topic is Averaging Down versus Scaling Into Trades

MOJO has been watching some videos made by competitors trying to make MOJO look bad by saying MOJO averages down and it's dangerous destroying new traders left and right. I hear over and over it only takes one time to blow your entire account up and lose it all. This is an outrageous statement from people that are just ignorant and do things their way or it's the highway. That road has been well traveled by MOJO and it just doesn't give you as good a ride as the SCALING road. Yes, MOJO agrees averaging down is bad for any trader as your doubling a losing position trying to get out. Scaling into trades is much different. The way MOJO buys stock for day trading is simple, we do not average down but on the contrary MOJO Scales into trades with dollar cost averaging. This was learned in the second you buy very small (just to "test" the price) and increase the size when you see which direction it goes being patient if it drops and not patient if adding up. This way your cost is always around the stock as its falling and under the cost as its rising.

Think about it, Buy 3,000 shares of a stock for a $.10 cent move plus - it has to go in one direction only. When you scale into the trade (buying up to 3 times) when the first buy is 500 shares and increasing that with the last buy being the biggest you'll have a great cost average and increase your probability of winning on that trade. Any fool knows that - so for someone to outright BASH this strategy (yes you) your both stupid and ignorant. For those that recognize (yes you) this power and see how MOJO has been using this for 3 years straight now with a 95% plus accuracy rate then you'll come trade with me tomorrow.

Just watch this video and click here to Join Up Special 30% Off With Added Level 2 Educational Video ($49.00 Extra Value Add) GO for it!! Here

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