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WOW!! or more like WHY??


WOW!! or more like WHY??

The stock market has been non stop going up. In despite of World Events, all of which BAD, the markets continue higher. In all my years of trading one thing is common and never changes. The first is the market is ORDERLY and what goes up goes down. The second, stocks and the markets can lose in one or 2 days what it has taken a week to weeks to accomplish. So beware, in other words for MOJO Traders it's best to go slower in times of extreme highs and lows. Steady is best and staying away from stock trades that can put a hurt on you is best in this environment.

This WORLD is one big pressure pot, ready to pop and whistle at any time. The anticipation is killer. The terrorist threats, oil, interest rates, hundreds of companies are going to face bankruptcy. The market just came from 17,063 back to 18,347 in the midst of all this turmoil.

Are you ready for this? Is your portfolio geared with holdings that will make money as hedge if the markets do this? Is your stock picking strategy well in down markets? Do you even know what to do?

So where does this leave you, the average trader trying to make a living in this market? Well, to be frank with you, the next few weeks and months are going to be a struggle for us all. We are going to have display amazing patience and focus to maintain our positive expectation. Thankfully, I am more than equipped to succeed in even the most volatile market, as my years of results go to show you. Please be aware of other trading room moderators that do not have your best interest at heart in this market, as I pointed out in my recent videos. Stop losing huge in trading rooms with multiple moderators who leave you holding the bag, come to MOJO and trade with a ONE moderator who will really have your back in the difficult times!

MOJO Day Trading has a plan to combat the dropping DOW and the crazy market. I have spent my entire life perfecting my patience and I am prepared to use it. In this market, you have to adapt to whats working. Few months back the small cap $1.00 to $3.00 low floaters where the darlings. Now they suck, but what is in MOJO's favor are the loved ETF's we trade every day. I have gotten to know stocks like UVXY SVXY NUGT JDST DUST UGAZ DGAZ UWTI DWTI ike the back of my hand. Are you ready to make $1,000 a day for the next 1000 days = $1,000,0000 then read no more.

MOJO has made it easy for you to try out the MOJO Day Trade Room,Swing Trade Newsletter OR The Combo Pack (both services). For either service there is a One (1) Month, Thirty Day (30) Day Trial Subscription at Special Rate of 50% Off.

This is a trial subscription rate to try either service for 30 days. Then the subscription rate then goes to the regular monthly rate for that service (all done thru Pay Pal). The MOJO Day Trade Room & Swing Trade Newsletter are separate services each priced to try the service for 30 days. Then the subscription rate goes to the regular monthly rate for each. (all done thru Pay Pal).

Also, as token of MOJO’s appreciation you will get the MOJO University Level 2 Day Trading Educational Series Video with any subscription. This is a $50.00 Value Added Bonus. Basically your getting to try the service for $0, so kick start your trading career, you won’t be sorry you did.

Sign Up with Pay Pal, it's all controlled by you. Once MOJO gets confirmation of your subscription you will receive a welcome email with full instructions.

Join Now & Get Started Today!

7/12 MOJO Day Trade Show

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